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Foxtrot Hotel -- air ambulance picyture

Foxtrot Hotel – where’s the doctor?

A UK pre-hospital emergency service is now planning to run its air ambulance service without a doctor on board.    Pre-hospital emergency anaesthesia (PHEA) is required for the sickest of patients outside hospital; major trauma patients by the side of the motorway, or treating the obese cardiac arrest patient in a … Read more

The RCoA Survey results

“Anaesthesia Associates are basically a solution without a problem. We need more anaesthetists who can do the work needed.” The results of an independent survey, … Read more

Bad regulatory practice

Today we have written an open letter to the GMC setting out how its approach to the regulation of AAs and PAs blurs the lines … Read more

Regulation without regulation

When people talk of ‘regulation’ for Anaesthesia and Physician Associates (AA’s and PA’s) they naturally assume that this regulation will define or standardise their working … Read more