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So Associates are what, exactly?

In March we wrote to the GMC to say that it should cease referring to AAs and PAs as ‘members of the medical professions’, ‘medical professionals’, and in ‘medical practice’. We also called for: The GMC sent us a prompt, lengthy and detailed reply, written by Charlie Massey and which … Read more

The RCoA Survey results

“Anaesthesia Associates are basically a solution without a problem. We need more anaesthetists who can do the work needed.” The results of an independent survey, … Read more

Bad regulatory practice

Today we have written an open letter to the GMC setting out how its approach to the regulation of AAs and PAs blurs the lines … Read more

Regulation without regulation

When people talk of ‘regulation’ for Anaesthesia and Physician Associates (AA’s and PA’s) they naturally assume that this regulation will define or standardise their working … Read more