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Legal Case Update 3/7/24

We held a very productive meeting today with our full legal team at Blackstones. We discussed many of our concerns about the way in which the GMC has introduced regulation for Anaesthesia Associates and Physician … Read more


In an exciting development, the BMA are now planning their own legal action against the GMC over the way that the regulation for Physician Associates (PAs) and Anaesthesia Associates (AAs) is being conducted. They are … Read more

Progress report 18/6/24

Thank you for all the donations you have made to our campaign Stop misleading patients – Physician Associates cannot replace doctors. We have been fundraising for 16 days and so far have reached just over … Read more

Are you voting to replace doctors?

The press have termed them fake doctors. Their correct titles are Physician Associates and Anaesthesia Associates (PAs and AAs). And as the public gradually becomes aware of the scale and gravity of the situation, now … Read more

GMC Legal Challenge

The General Medical Council was given powers under the Medical Act 1983 to regulate doctors and protect the public from those falsely claiming to be qualified when they are not. But instead, we have watched … Read more

So Associates are what, exactly?

In March we wrote to the GMC to say that it should cease referring to AAs and PAs as ‘members of the medical professions’, ‘medical professionals’, and in ‘medical practice’. We also called for: The … Read more

GMC Consultation – Scope of Practice and Consent

Anaesthetists United response to the current GMC Consultation on Associates highlights the failure of the GMC to consult on scope of practice – arguably one of the most contentious issues in the entire debate. We … Read more

The RCoA Survey results

“Anaesthesia Associates are basically a solution without a problem. We need more anaesthetists who can do the work needed.” The results of an independent survey, commissioned by the Royal College of Anaesthetists by ‘Research By … Read more

Charity commission to reopen GMC enquiry

The Charity Commission has agreed to reopen the enquiry into whether or not the GMC have breached their charitable objectives by taking on the regulation of anaesthesia and physician associates. It follows on from our … Read more

Bad regulatory practice

Today we have written an open letter to the GMC setting out how its approach to the regulation of AAs and PAs blurs the lines with doctors and constitutes a failure to fulfil its legal … Read more

College calls for a pause in recruitment of Associates

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has announced today that it is writing to clinical leaders to request a pause in the recruitment of Anaesthetic Associates. The motions that were passed at the EGM last year … Read more

Position statement on Anaesthesia Associates

Anaesthetists United (AU) welcomes the recent position statement from the Association of Anaesthetists (AoA). As key stakeholders it is important that the Anaesthetic workforce takes account of the direction that has now been set out … Read more

Regulation without regulation

When people talk of ‘regulation’ for Anaesthesia and Physician Associates (AA’s and PA’s) they naturally assume that this regulation will define or standardise their working patterns and set their scope of practice and levels of … Read more

Draft Associates Order – does your MP understand it?

On the 17th January MPs are to look at the draft Anaesthesia Associates and Physician Associates Order 2024. But they won’t give it a proper look. It will be glossed over. Because they are using … Read more

AAs, British Anaesthesia and lesson for the future

The utilization of physician extenders in the UK healthcare system has been quite controversial recently, with topics like training and validation requirements, impact on training and staffing, all bubbling to the surface. In addition, the … Read more

The GMC and its charitable objects

“You have raised a concern about the charity acting outside of its objects and the response provided to you by the charity. We have carefully reviewed all the information you sent us. We do not … Read more

A good start – progress on EGM Motions

We are delighted to see the RCoA statement on their responses so far to the six motions we proposed and that were passed at the EGM – and the progress that the College is making. We … Read more

Not the GMC

Barely a day goes past without another press article condemning the unchecked and uncontrolled activities of non-medically trained ‘associates’ treating patients. With no defined scope of practice and no formal regulation, they are the sign … Read more

Thank you – we did it

After having all six of our motions adopted by members at the EGM on Tuesday 17th October 2023, Anaesthetists United are taking a break. We have completed the task that we set out to achieve … Read more

Put up the poster

And share the infographics with everyone For those of your colleagues that aren’t on social media we thought it would be helpful to bring out some posters that you can use to liven up the … Read more

Register now for the EGM

It’s open. Registration and voting for the College EGM on October 17th opens today. So watch out for an email from electoral services provider Mi-Voice. The email will come from with the subject line … Read more

Let us talk about it

An open conversation hosted by Anaesthetists United Join us on Zoom at 7pm on October 4th to discuss our motions and the upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting at the Royal College of Anaesthetists. We will examine … Read more

Take our message to Parliament

The majority of MPs are probably unaware of the issue of AAs – possibly confusing them with another usage of the initials AA – although they may have seen us on the front page of … Read more

The stage is set

It’s coming home. Our Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Royal College of Anaesthetists is going ahead. The College Board of Trustees has called for the EGM to be held on the 17th October, starting … Read more

You spoke – we’ve heard

Lots of our Supporters gave us comments in support of our resolutions. We have sent them to the College, and they are displayed below – sorted alphabetically to preserve confidentiality. A full review and open … Read more

The EGM is coming….

We received over 700 signatures supporting our call for an EGM – almost 5 times the number we needed, and those signatures, along with your anonymised comments, have been sent to the Principal Office of … Read more

It is time for change

Time for the Royal College of Anaesthetists to listen. Enough is enough. This is not a petition. This is not another survey. This is our opportunity to take immediate, decisive action on the three things … Read more

Anaesthesia Associates. Rotations. ANRO.

Only the biggest existential crisis in Medicine we have ever seen. Why has NHSEngland just called for a 10 fold increase in the number of Anaesthesia Associates? Just because they don’t like doctors? We think … Read more

Who are we

We are an informal group of trainees, consultants and SAS Anaesthetists from all over the UK. We came together because we felt our leaders were not adequately representing our views. We have worked together to … Read more

How we can do it

There is a rarely-used clause in the College Ordinances that allows a groundswell of members to force an Extraordinary meeting of the College. This process is normally reserved for urgent calls from the membership , … Read more
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