We are an informal group of trainees, consultants and SAS Anaesthetists from all over the UK. We came together because we felt our leaders were not adequately representing our views. We have worked together to develop our policies and plan our campaign.

We are an inclusive group. We respect each others privacy. We share and respect one another’s views. 

We would like you to join us.

Some of the core members of the group are:-

  • Dr Richard Marks is a semi-retired consultant from London who has formerly been an RCoA Vice-President and a Training Programme Director, and was policy lead for RemedyUK in 2007. He is particularly interested in the way our recruitment system and training programmes treat doctors-in-training, and believes big changes are necessary. Richard is on Reddit and Twitter as @Londonanaesth
  • Dr Ramey Assaf is currently undertaking a research fellow role at Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust. He was previously core rep for East Midlands Group of Anaesthetists in Training. He has a passion for cardiothoracic anaesthesia and intensive care medicine. In addition, he has an interest in medical leadership and health politics. On twitter as @ramey999
  • Dr Luke Mordecai is a consultant anaesthetist at UCLH. Along side his clinical interests he has a background in health policy, economics and service evaluation. On Twitter as @Shr_Nottingham
  • Dr Joseph Pick is an anaesthetic registrar based in the West Midlands. He has a keen interest in workplace wellbeing. He would like to forge a career in obstetric anaesthesia and perioperative medicine. He hopes to create an environment where anaesthetists in training feel valued and supported.
  • Dr Jenny Haugh is a LTFT stage 1 anaesthetic trainee. After completing med school and internship in Ireland she moved to England and started working in the NHS. She is a passionate advocate for staff and patients. She is obsessed with her 2 cats and in her spare time she sews (mostly clothes and accessories).

We formed as a group of anaesthetists in Summer 2023 when we felt the Royal College of Anaesthetists was not adequately representing the views of its membership. In October 2023, an EGM at the RCoA evidenced this fact when there was record attendance and votes in favour of AU instigated motions. In November, we welcomed doctors of other specialties to join us as we continue to advocate and fight for improvements to the medical landscape in the UK.