And share the infographics with everyone

For those of your colleagues that aren’t on social media we thought it would be helpful to bring out some posters that you can use to liven up the department. They will draw attention to whats going on. They’ll prompt discussion and chat in the coffee rooms. And they’ll remind everyone that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the College is a big deal, and that the best way to bring about change is to empower College Council with a huge mandate from the Members.

There are 20,000 members out there. Lets go get them.

You can download the files as PDFs. Or you can download any or all of them from Google Drive.

When you’ve put them in your department, take a photo of your departmental noticeboard, and share it on social media. Be proud. We are Anaesthetists United.

And some smaller graphics for sharing

And here are our infographics. Share them on WhatsApp, share them wherever else they’ll be seen. Lets make this the biggest campaign of its kind.
Right click, share. Then share again.