We received over 700 signatures supporting our call for an EGM – almost 5 times the number we needed, and those signatures, along with your anonymised comments, have been sent to the Principal Office of the College.

We are now waiting to hear the date of the EGM.

An EGM can be attended, and voted on, by most Members of the College (a few grades of membership cannot vote, including Affiliates). We expect to be given three weeks notice of the date, and we expect it to be held at 7pm. It will almost certainly be held both in-person and online.

There is also the possibility of proxy voting, though this is subject to a decision of the College Board of Trustees.

There is no point in us collecting any more signatures, we’ve exceeded the threshold. But if you didn’t give us your email when you signed it, or if you haven’t signed it but wish you had, you can send us your email addres  here and we’ll add you to our mailing list.

Change is coming.