Anaesthetists United

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The EGM is coming….

We received over 700 signatures supporting our call for an EGM – almost 5 times the number we needed, and those signatures, along with your … Read more

It is time for change

Time for the Royal College of Anaesthetists to listen. Enough is enough. This is not a petition. This is not another survey. This is our … Read more

Who are we

We are an informal group of trainees, consultants and SAS Anaesthetists from all over the UK. We came together because we felt our leaders were … Read more

How we can do it

There is a rarely-used clause in the College Ordinances that allows a groundswell of members to force an Extraordinary meeting of the College. This process … Read more

Our motions

We are calling on the College to change its policies on Anaesthesia Associates, Rotational Training and Recruitment. In order to comply with College regulations, the … Read more